Figure 7.

A diagram depicting the change in HER2 expression and tumorigenicity of R2N1d (CD44+/CD24- sorted) cells due to cell culture condition. Adherent R2N1d cells were OCT4+/HER2+ and highly tumorigenic (tumor developed in 1 month after inoculation), the non-adherent R2N1d cells detached from confluent R2N1d cells in suspension were OCT4+/HER2- and took longer time (6 months) to develop tumor at lower frequency. The reattached R2N1d cells from non-adherent cells were similar to parental adherent cells in OCT4+/HER2+ expression and tumor development.

Wang et al. Molecular Cancer 2010 9:288   doi:10.1186/1476-4598-9-288
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