Figure 4.

Targeting GSK3β pathway may be highly beneficial for curing oral cancer. Inhibition of GSK3β activity by the activation of several oncogenic pathways in cancer as discussed in the text. Activation of these pathways by several oral cancer etiological factors is interesting and fuel for inactivating GSK3β by targeting its inactivating pathways to promote oral cancer. Two major therapeutic strategies may be adopted to keep GSK3β active. First and the most important will be to (---) prevent the inactivation of GSK3β, by targeting its upstream inhibitory kinases, so that they will remain unassociated. Second will be to (---) reconstitute the active GSK3β (Ala9GSK3β by gene therapy) to affected oral cancer sites.

Mishra Molecular Cancer 2010 9:144   doi:10.1186/1476-4598-9-144
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