Figure 29.

Down-regulation of mRNA expression in human chromosomal region 5q22.2-5q23.1 – the APC region (patient counts with coordinate down-regulation). Grayscale cross-comparison plot of down-regulation patterns across patients (analogous to Figures 8, 11, 14). View this plot in conjunction with Figures 27 and 28. Note, that many more patients show down-regulation as indicated by dark spots in this plot than up-regulation as indicated by dark spots in Figure 28. This region has been reported in other studies to be frequently deleted in colon cancer (see Table 4). APC itself is not represented in this plot (no valid expression measures). It is located down-stream of TIGA1 and up-stream of DP1 and DCP2. Note the sharp change from expression up-regulation (TIGA1) to expression down-regulation (DCP2 to DMXL1) in this interval.

Staub et al. Molecular Cancer 2006 5:37   doi:10.1186/1476-4598-5-37
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