Figure 11.

Down-regulation of mRNA expression in human chromosomal region 1p36.13-1p36.11 (patient counts with coordinate down-regulation). Grayscale plot of cross-comparison of down-regulation patterns across patients for gene pairs in a particular region. Both, horizontal and vertical axes comprise the same genes in chromosomal order. In each square total counts of patients with consistent down-regulation in two genes are coded by different shades of gray. Dark squared regions along the diagonal indicate coordinated regulation in patient subgroups. Note, that many more patients show down-regulation as indicated by dark spots in this plot than up-regulation as indicated by dark spots in Figure 10. This region has been reported in other studies to be frequently deleted in colorectal cancer (see Table 4). This is the most significantly down-regulated region of our analysis. Note the expression of potential tumor genes PLA2G2A, E2F2, and CDC42.

Staub et al. Molecular Cancer 2006 5:37   doi:10.1186/1476-4598-5-37
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