Figure 3.

Attenuation of IGFBP2 inhibits ovarian cancer cell invasion. (A) Western blotting analysis of IGFBP2 after transfection of siRNA in OVCAR3 and PA-1. 4 siRNAs inhibit the IGFBP2 with various levels. IGFBP2 levels of siRNA-3 transfected cells have similar to those of Lamin A/C and negative control transfected cells. (B) Four different siRNAs were transfected to PA-1 ovarian cancer cells which has high endogenous IGFBP2. Different inhibiting levels of IGFBP2 were determined by western blotting analysis. siRNA-1 and -4 were working better than siRNA-2 and -3. (C) The invasion activity after 72 hours of siRNA transfection was significantly decreased in siRNA-1 and -4 treated cells comparing with siRNA-2 and -3 treated cells (*p < 0.05).

Lee et al. Molecular Cancer 2005 4:7   doi:10.1186/1476-4598-4-7
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